Polestar Pilates
Standing apart from other forms of Pilates, Polestar is a style considered in its industry as the very best. Its teaching is exclusive to the individual and extremely thorough. Founded by a collective of physiotherapists, it respects the original repertoire yet constantly evolves as we as individuals evolve.

Polestar is the Gold standard in Pilates Teacher training.
The training took Genevieve 1200 hrs to complete, 2 years in her case, and is the only Listed Practitioner in the area. All hours can be seen in her signed Log book, in the Studio.

POLESTAR PILATES is MOVEMENT SCIENCE, and is a science based holistic approach to health, healing through movement, and re-education of movement.  
Clinical Pilates is a series of mat based exercises in various different body positions which have been adapted by physiotherapists to make them more suitable for clients with back and neck pain, helping posture and those recovering from injury.
Polestar Clinical Pilates is a limitless and ever evolving education in movement. It will develop the mind and body and is suitable for beginners, those new to exercise or experienced athletes, as well as for rehabilitation and improving mobility. Classes are taught in groups of up to six, for responsive learning and adaptability.

Tenterden Yoga Align
A Yoga class working on a deeply physical and psychological level to develop flexibility and balance, endurance and cardiovascular strength, as well as mental clarity and tranquillity . A special emphasis is placed in the class on precision, alignment and breath control, which are all Iyengar Yoga techniques.

Flow through a gentle Asana practice stretching out you muscles before letting all the tension go and indulging in a calming restorative session towards the end, which allows your body and your mind to completely relax and recharge. Focusing on core strength, body posture, alleviating neck and back pain (with a Yoga back care specialist) and lengthening and decompressing the spine. Using various movement science techniques including the Alexander,  Feldonkrais  and Franklin imagery methods,  and Physical-therapy  methods. Taught in small  groups  of 5  in the unique studio. Make time to focus on your health and wellness.

"Pilates becomes a lifestyle, an ever evolving education in movement to develop the mind
and the body."
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