Barre Classes
I enjoy these classes, I find it challenging as it so completely different to anything I have done before but I like the fact that it works and tones the whole body and above all else, it’s FUN!- Wendy June 2018 

Yoga Align Classes
I have been attending Genevieve's class for over 18 months now and it is one of the highlights of my week. It is both challenging and relaxing. Having practised yoga for many years I wanted a class with vinyasa, but as a busy working mum, I know it is good for me to chill out too. Genevieve has the remarkable ability to read my body and tell me when to move and when to be careful not to overstretch. Because the class is small she tailors her teaching to the needs of both experienced and novice students. Her tranquil garden studio is the perfect environment for this personal approach to yoga. - Becky W , Tenterden Yoga Student, 2016

Pilates Classes   
Genevieve is hugely passionate, enthusiastic and knowledgeable about her Pilates classes which I've been attending for the last two months. The hour whizzes by and my back, shoulders, legs etc all feel better for attending. She varies each session and makes them fun too: I sit at a computer a lot and do a lot of gardening so my posture suffers and it has definitely improved and I am more aware of my posture too with her encouragement! - Chris Company Director June 2015 Tenterden

Ante and Post Natal Pilates and Yoga   
"As a pregnant woman, It was reassuring to know that I was in safe, fully trained and qualified hands with Genevieve. She not only helped me physically with challenges brought on by pregnancy - from sciatica to shoulder and neck pain - but also offered a peaceful, relaxing and welcoming environment in her beautiful studio. The combination of Yoga and Pilates exercises she devised specifically for me were excellent. I'd recommend Stalwart Wellness without hesitation." - Fiona 2016 Rye

Clinical Pilates for Rehabilitation  
"The best thing I did in 2015 was to discover Stalwart Wellness.  Shingles and an old whiplash injury had left me in a great deal of pain, but one to one sessions with Genevieve have helped me enormously.  I am now pain free and thoroughly enjoying my renewed flexibility and energy.  I would wholeheartedly recommend Stalwart Wellness and I am looking forward to even greater progress in 2016." - Judith 2016 Wittersham

Pilates for Rehabilitation, Private Lessons  
"Your attention to detail in the specifics of the exercise demonstrates your motivation and enthusiasm for your work, and the time you have obviously spent between classes demonstrates your commitment and passion. To know that you have gone back to Polestar UK, sought advice, and learned how I respond to different exercises has meant a great deal. The 1/1 sessions in particular has given us the time to focus on and to push my back in a more measured and safe way." - Louise K. 2014 Tenterden

Pilates Classes   
"I have done lots of Pilates over the past 7-8 years in Surrey, and with Polestar Teachers. When I moved to Kent I couldn't find a class that was good. FINALLY..a Polestar Teacher in Kent!! You're a great Teacher..Thank you..xx"  - Colleen W. May 2013 Headcorn

Tenterden Align Yoga Classes
Coming to the Genevieve's yoga class is a highlight of my week; my body and mind always feel refreshed after each visit.  The studio is warm and comfortable with a great ambiance.  Genevieve tailors the class to individual needs with adaptations for those less of us who are less 'stretchy'!  Thoroughly enjoyable and beneficial both physically and mentally. Ten out of ten from me!!
Liz, Tenterden Yoga Student 2016
Pilates Private lessons
I am very pleased to say that my aches and pains in my back/legs have now gone, thanks almost certainly to your wonderful exercise plan.  My favourite exercise by far is the downwards stretch – which I can do anywhere to loosen up – but probably more importantly, I am aware that I must not curve my back as I have been doing unconsciously for years.   In particular, I no longer have the pain where my back curves which makes a huge difference to my daily routine.
I am very very grateful to you for your excellent analysis of the source of my problems – and for setting me on the right road to recovery although I am very aware that my age makes regular bespoke exercise an absolute must now!"
Woodchurch , Kent Client-2016

Pilates Private lessons
For many years I have had lower back and pelvic pain. I decided to see if Pilates would help. After an assessment, Genevieve developed an individualised programme for me and after 2 months I can see and feel the difference. I have good posture, better movement, no back pain - and no further visits to the chiropractor. I look forward to my lessons and have complete confidence in Genevieve as an excellent teacher. - Tenterden Client-March 2015

Clinical Pilates for Rehabilitation - Private Lessons 
"I met with Genevieve in September 2015 last year in a reduced physical state following surgery to my foot.  A formerly very active person who attended fitness classes regularly for all my adult life, I had lost my confidence in my body after a protracted and painful recovery.  My self esteem was low;  I had gained weight due to my inactivity and felt ashamed of my appearance and I held this in my body.  I was afraid to exercise because I believed I couldn't do it and that I would never be fit again.  And every part of me hurt.  I desperately wanted to regain the "happy" body that had always worked well for me.
At my evaluation with Genevieve, I realised that the months of limping and avoiding weight bearing on my left foot had taken a toll on my ability to move efficiently, without pain and discomfort.  I needed to re learn how to move, how to balance, even how to stand.
Over the past 3 months working 1 to 1 and in a group, I have regained my balance and I am becoming stronger and more flexible.  Genevieve is extremely passionate about her work and has the ability to instil confidence and trust.  As a health professional, I am  greatly impressed with her expertise and depth of knowledge,  and as a person who lost herself, I really feel I am getting back on track." - Diane 2016 Tenterden

"Improved posture and increased flexibility, by developing overall strength & control to the body."
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