I began my journey as an Exercise to Music teacher and taught Body Balance group fitness classes.  Like many others I used to sweat it out at the gym, although I built muscle and tone I didn't look or feel as I thought I would. I slouched, had rounded shoulders, a stiff spine and an arched lower back. My fitness regime completely ignored the need to elongate the muscles and build strength from within. This accentuated my bad posture and, despite my efforts, my main goal back then of achieving a flat stomach was impossible.    

It was during my teacher training that I had a body break through and emotional epiphany. I truly never believed I would be able to make it as a practitioner, with my body as it was then. Yet against all odds, and with a lot of Pilates, fantastic support and encouragement, here I am.
The days of busting a gut in the gym are long behind me.

Pilates has changed the way I approach health and fitness. I continue to build on these newly found neural pathways. Regular practice makes me feel great, stand taller and helps me to maintain a healthy and lean strong body. With advanced qualifications with Polestar, I have deepened my holistic offer to incorporate Yoga teaching. I draw on expert knowledge, research and undertake ongoing specialist trainings where I can help to make a positive impact for a widening demographic. I am also proud to offer Cancer Care movement rehabilitation.

Are you considering Pilates or Yoga?
I'd advise committing to ten sessions with a highly qualified instructor.
One-to-one instruction can offer a unique tailored program, or try a small group class where the instructor can adjust you as you progress. 
I was hooked before I had completed my first ten sessions and I really felt a deep connection within, whilst also letting go of tension I never even realized I had.   

Whatever your motivation, whatever your age, it's amazing.

"It's an endless journey - once your body awakens and responds to it, it becomes a drug, craving Pilates and progression daily" 
 Genevieve 2017 

Continuing Professional Development Completed 2015
Eric Franklin Sit To Be Fit course
Eric Franklin Dynamic Abs course
Polestar London- Rotating Sports, The Rotating Body (Rotational assessment,
Foot patterning, Gait, Golfers, Skiing, Tennis, Football and Rugby players)

BWY Joy Of Trikonasana
Yoga & Healthy Backs- London
Feldonkrais Classes –Awareness through Movement
Polestar London Ante & Post Natal Clients Pilates
Polestar London Ante Natal Pilates
Polestar London Post Natal Pilates  

Continuing Professional Development Completed to date 2016/2017
Full Cadaver Dissection, Head, neck and shoulders, Fascial connectivity and
assessment (9hrs London Teaching Hospital)
Full Cadaver Dissection-Back Pain, The Anatomy of Lower Back pain, Spine,
pelvis, Postural Support and CNS. Also looking at Cancer and lymph nodes.
(10 hrs London Teaching Hospital)
Eric Franklin Fascia Training for Balance, Strength and Flexibility course
(10hrs to date)
BWY Yoga and Living with Cancer (Julie Friedberger) -8hrs
Feldonkrais Classes –Awareness through Movement
Polestar London OOV Rehabilitation equipment training –
with Physiotherapist Daniel Vladeta (18hrs)
Polestar London- Advanced Gait Course-including Biomechanics,
arthrokinematics, knee and leg tracking, alignment and weight bearing
& foot mobility
Les Mills Yoga Balance Workshop (2hrs)

Continuing Professional Development Completed to date 2018/2019
Total Barre Training- 2 days – fully certified
Les Mills Barre Training 2 days – fully certified
Royal ballet Spring Series-Barre work 1 day
Online advanced anatomy course – 50 hrs
Les Mills Body Balance Workshop – 5 hrs
Les Mills Barre updates – 3 hrs + Feedback Assesment
APPI Pilates –Pilates for Spinal Surgery -1 day reviewing laminectomy,
discectomy and fusion
Polestar Pilates London 1 day – Guiding Hands, Bony Alignment, Facial
Connections & Movement-Understanding bony rhythms, and bio mechanics.
Learning how to address advanced imbalances
Polestar Pilates London-2 days – Neurological Rehabilitation.
Instructed on Treatment planning, identify special needs & interventions and
to facilitate successful movement patterns for individuals suffering from
common neurological pathologies
Barre classes BarreCore Chelsea Studio, London, 6 hrs to date
Les Mills Body Balance & Barre workshops 8 hrs to date
Advanced Anatomy Day at Body Worlds London with Gary Carter
Polestar London – Chronic Illness – The Impact on Movement & Health
Reflexology Course – Including in brief: Disease & Disorder of the Feet,
reading and interpreting the Feet ,Stress & the effect of Reflexology, treatment
adaptations & contraindications and the Lymphatic System.
Polestar Pilates Practitioner Requalification -Gold Standard in teaching
Pilates (every Practitioner must requalify every 2 years to show continued
education, self practice daily, and minimum teaching weekly)

HND Science and Health Studies  
Level 2 Exercise to Music  
Les Mills Body Balance Instructor  
Level 2 Gym Instructor    
Lifetime Advanced Group Cycling Instructor  
Lifetime Circuits Instructor  
Level 3 Lifetime Personal Trainer  
Level 3 Lifetime Business Planning and Nutrition    
Back Pain course 2013 including contraindications such
as spondylolisthesis, facet joint syndrome, osteoporosis,
mid-late stage pregnancy, acute disc and disc
Level 3 Diploma in Teaching Pilates. Centre: Moss Pilates
Full Polestar Pilates Certification Practitioner 
Level 3 GP Referral Diploma (Populations include: Diabetes,
High and Low blood pressure, skeletal conditions, CHD,
Neurological diseases, depression, and all drugs &
medications related to these conditions & others)
Level 3 Ante and Post Natal Practitioner
Certified and Qualified Les Mills Barre Teacher
Certified and Qualified Total Barre Teacher
RYT 500 hrs Yoga Teacher with Yoga Professionals
Yoga Alliance Certification Experienced Yoga Teacher-Taught
over 3000 hrs since 2014 

Level 4 Lower Back Pain Specialist Diploma
Level 4 Cancer Rehabilitation Specialist – accredited by
Macmillan Cancer
Reflexology Diploma
Polestar Pilates London-Neurological Rehabilitation (18hrs)
Polestar Pilates London OOV rehabilitation equipment (18hrs)
Member of British wheel of Yoga, membership number:
Member of Register of Exercise Professionals (REPS)
number: R0096249
Member of Yoga Alliance 
Member of and Professional status of BACK CARE
Emergency First Aid at work certificate
(valid 3 years)

Current and past Contraindications in Class and Clients include:
Lymes Disease, ME, MS and Parkinsons.
Lymphodoema and Balance issues.
Peripheral Neuropathy
All Spinal and Hip Pathologies (Thoracic outlet Syndrome, Disc Bulge and degeneration (L5/S1 areas, and others)
Total Hip Replacement
Hip and Knee issues
Facet Joint syndrome
Adverse Neural Tension
Hypertension and Glaucoma
Bone Cancer
Bladder Cancer
Full Bladder Removal Rehabilitation
EDS (Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome)
Stroke and other Neurological Symptoms and cases.
Stiff Neck and Neck Issues
High and Low Blood Pressure
Hyper Mobility
Breast Cancer
Radiotherapy and Chemotherapy and associated treatment
and side effects
Full and Part mastectomy and rehabilitation
Shoulder and rotator cuff issues
Ankle and Foot operation rehabilitation

"Pilates has changed the way I approach health and fitness, building on newly found neural pathways that make me feel better than ever, stand taller, look lean and keep me healthy." 
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