Private Lessons 
Individual one to one Polestar Clinical Rehabilitation based Pilates, Rehabilitation therapy for Yoga , Therapeutic Yoga and functional movement OR your choice of Yoga Style, Relaxation or Barre sessions, taught through a uniquely tailored and responsive plan. At a time to suit you, to target results uniquely to you, helping you achieve your health and wellbeing

Clinical Pilates and Therapeutic Yoga are a series of mat based exercises in various different body positions which have been adapted by physiotherapists to make them more suitable for clients with back and neck pain, helping posture and those recovering from injury. 

Tools used to create The Wellness Plan are the Polestar Pilates Screening, exclusive to Polestar Pilates Practitioners, The Keele sTarT Back Screening Document & The RMD wellness Screening document, part of Lower Back Pain Screening, and Rehabilitation, and the OOV equipment assessment. Now also using Polestar Neurological Assessment for all clients from 2019, and gait analysis.

Also using the Macmillan CaPASEF rehabilitation for Cancer document if appropriate.
Genevieve is a Movement Therapist and specialises In the following: Menopause and Women’s Health , Cancer Rehabilitation, Neurological Rehabilitation Therapy, Back Pain Care, including Spinal Operations, fusions and Lower Back Pain.

Starting with a wellness Polestar screening before establishing an in-depth 10 week plan, private lessons for Therapeutic Yoga & Clinical Pilates or any other movement therapy, are honed to your individual needs and are particularly beneficial for:

Providing post-rehabilitation or wellness education, or Prehab before Operations
Rehabilitation or Pain Management
Bring you back to an optimum state where you are fitter and stronger than before
your injury 
Fitness progression or for fine tuning
Creating optimum symmetry within your body
Improving postural alignment and joint mobility
Educate the body towards more intelligent movement patterns
Effective biomechanics and motor control of your body
Improving Trunk Organisation & Control for Neurological Rehabilitation
Improving Balance Dysfunction and Motor learning
Improving Biomechanics, alignment and weight bearing of feet
Learn how to move freely with your feet and how to move more intelligently from
the ground up. We will analyse your gait and whether your feet are causing your
back to over compensate, not just in walking or running but in any functional

Wellness Recommendation and Screening

For all individuals, whether attending on a group basis or for individual attention, an in-depth Polestar screening and wellness recommendation is advisable.

During this 1hr 15mins full postural evaluation and functional testing, we will identify strengths, weaknesses and areas for focus. This will offer you a great insight into your body and what it needs to be healthy, strong and muscularly balanced. It will highlight any misalignment, biomechanical and capsular restriction in addition to postural weaknesses. A gait assessment is also take to ascertain weight bearing and alignment of the body. This is a full body analysis, taking all lifestyle factors into consideration.

Using the 17 unique exercises from the screening test, and OOv equipment assessment, this will highlight the ability of hip disassociation, hip rotation, spinal control, spine articulation and spine stability. Shoulder and scapular stability are also tested, as well as spine extension, between cervical, thoracic and lumbar regions. Using this and the other sampling on back pain, gives you a full picture of your body, biomechanically and of any postural and gait weaknesses. Also using the Neurological Initial Examination which include Neurological Functional and gait Assessment.

Wellness Plan 

Following your initial hour and 15 minutes n the Studio, recommendations will be made to reverse any poor habits. This can incorporate focus towards your joints including hips, shoulders, knees, ankles and pelvic stability, and biomechanics, all taught through movement science.

You will also be provided with a 10 week clinical movement focused personalised plan that will work around your movement targets and your schedule. Exercises do not change in intensity, but evolve as your movement patterning is educated, through specific movement methodologies. Included in your plan will be the education of movement, to heighten awareness of your movement, breathing and posture. These consists of Polestar Principles of Movement, using the OOV, and other various methodologies of holistic movement science all specific to Polestar Practitioners. Your movement plan will then be bespoke for your personal Rehabilitation therapy moves, Clinical rehabilitation based Pilates, Yoga, Relaxation or Barre sessions, or a combination of all.

Prices from: 
£100 for first lesson 1 hr 15 minutes, including full Polestar screening, analysis, and wellness plan development
£70 per session thereafter for private lessons one to one
Small group private lessons can also be arranged for couples or friends: 
£105 for 2 people.

Pre and Post Natal Yoga And Pilates Private Lessons bookings now being taken.
Pre and postnatal Yoga and Pilates private lessons are designed for your changing body and your growing baby throughout all the stages of pregnancy, and after the birth. Sessions are based around the same Polestar Pilates Screening process above. Please contact for details. Prices are as above.

"Understand your body and what it needs to be healthy, strong and muscularly balanced." 
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