Ante and Post Natal Yoga, Clinical Pilates and Clinical Personal Training

Our Ante and Post Natal Yoga and Pilates private lessons are designed for your changing body and growing baby throughout all the stages of pregnancy. Sessions are bespoke for you, by arrangement at a time convenient to you. We use the Polestar Movement and functional back Screening Documents to fully understand your requirements.

The owner of Stalwart Wellness is fully qualified to teach Ante and Post Natal and is also a mother of two wonderful grown up children.
Yoga , Clinical Pilates and Personal Training can alleviate many of the common discomforts of pregnancy such as nausea, constipation, varicose veins, carpel tunnel syndrome, swelling, back pain and sciatica. You will learn breathing and relaxation techniques to nourish the body during pregnancy and reduce discomfort during labour, all in the beautiful surroundings of the Studio.

Before you start your Ante or Post Natal Clinical Pilates and Yoga you will require an initial biomechanical, functional and posture assessment (one hour ). This will help us to tailor exercises to address your specific requirements as an individual with objective measures to evaluate your improvement throughout the term.

During this assessment we will:
Measure your abdominal separation (post natal only)
Assess your posture (including your spine, shoulders and pelvis)
Provide an appropriate Ante or Post Natal home programme
Advise on pre pregnancy activities or return to exercise after giving birth.

Our Ante and Post Natal exercise sessions will help you to:
Maintain core strength and trunk stability during your pregnancy
Maintain physical fitness during pregnancy
Reduce pelvic floor issues
Help your body prepare for and recover after labour
Return to your pre-baby body safely and efficiently
Reduce muscle imbalances associated with breast feeding
Help prevent and control pubic symphysis dysfunction symptoms
Improve awareness and control of the pelvic floor
Control breath in preparation for childbirth 
Keep ankles, legs, upper body and arms strong and mobile
Prepare for an active birth and for the physical demands after birth

During sessions, we typically use a variety of Yoga and Pilates and exercise studio equipment.
These include Technogym Fitball, bands, Yoga bolsters, balls, pregnancy wedge
and pillows, and Pilates and Yoga Arc and Barre stability for pelvic floor and core work and multifunction Step and weights for continuity of safe movement.

When to practice during your pregnancy and beyond

The first trimester - Rest and relax
The changing hormones in the body during this time can make you feel exhausted and nauseous. So even though relaxation techniques will nourish your body and mind, we recommend you wait until the second trimester to exercise, or maybe speak to us to see what we advise to work alongside recommendations from your Midwife and GP.

The second trimester - Practice Pilates and Yoga and Train with Mindful Clinical Movement safely.
Although the body is changing and expanding, make the most of your high energy levels and practice Pilates and Yoga. This will bring benefit to your changing body in the following months. 

The third trimester - Continue your sessions until before birth
You may be heavy and achy, but rest assured that Pilates and Yoga and movement help all of the conditions associated with pregnancy, including improving posture, circulation and well-being. It also helps prepare for giving birth and for a quicker recovery after birth, as well as preparing for the physical demands of motherhood. 

Beyond the birth - Take up postnatal classes
Generally women can start Pilates and Yoga 6 weeks after a normal childbirth and 10 weeks after caesarean. Your doctor will best advise you on when your body is ready.

Prices from: 
£105 for first lesson 1 hr 15 minutes, including full Polestar consultation, screening and Personal Training , Therapeutic Yoga and Clinical Pilates Plan devised, totally bespoke to you and your medical needs.
£80 per session thereafter for private personal training sessions one to one including Clinical Pilates and Therapeutic Yoga.





























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