The class is specifically designed to fuse the best elements of both of my Barre and Yoga Align classes. It incorporates cardio, strength, ballet & yoga and is all set to wonderfully uplifting music.

 Each class will begin with a short warm up using optional hand weights.

 For the next 35 minutes we will use barre work to plié, arabesque and pulse, with and without light hand weights. This focuses on core strength, stamina, full body strength and posture alignment.

 We will follow on with 30 minutes of Vinyasa flow yoga, using mats. We will focus on sun salutations a and b and asanas (poses).

 This Yoga is dynamic and explorative, allowing mental clarity and tranquillity. It incorporates creative sequencing, anatomical focus areas and traditional teachings. It is the hallmark of intelligent asana.

 Finally, we finish the class with a calming 10 minutes of Shavasana (relaxation) with eye pillows and guided meditation.

 Classes will change in intensity as the weeks progress. Poses and music will change regularly to keep freshness in the class.

 Students who are new to yoga flow or barre will receive tuition during each pose, modified for their stage of practice.

 All equipment, including hand weights, antibacterial yoga mats, lavender eye pillows and yoga blocks are provided.

 The Studio at Stalwart Wellness is a dedicated Wellness space, in its own discreet setting, nestled in the private landscaped gardens, overlooking the natural lake. The Studio has full mirrors to assist with body alignment, underfloor heating, and private gated parking.

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"I enjoy these classes, I find it challenging as it so completely different to anything I have done before but I like the fact that it works and tones the whole body and above all else, it’s FUN!"
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