Barre Restore

 This class is set to funky, soulful, slower and less intense movements for 20 minutes, and then 40 minutes on the mat for Clinical Pilates and back care and restore methods.

 We will start with 20 minutes on the Barre, ideal for those that want to try Barre out for the first time.

 The restore part of the class will establish efficient movement patterns, using a strong foundation for increased strength, mobility and diaphragmatic/ deep breathing. Each session will have a back care and posture focus.

 Using Clinical Pilates, Physiotherapy and Movement Science methods including the Franklin Method, Feldenkrais and Reflexology techniques.

 Perfect for those wanting to learn more about movement, and the mechanics of movement and breathing. Also learning to retain healthy spines, keeping your back flexible. Posture and alignment will also be added in each session, highlighting any misalignment within your body.

These sessions will be on a workshop basis on a Wednesday or Friday morning.
Limited to 5 people
1 hr sessions.
£90 for 4 week workshop.


"I enjoy these classes, I find it challenging as it so completely different to anything I have done before but I like the fact that it works and tones the whole body and above all else, it’s FUN!"
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