This class is specifically designed to fuse the best elements of both of my Barre and Clinical Pilates classes. It incorporates cardio, strength, ballet & Pilates and is all set to wonderfully uplifting music for Barre and calming music for Pilates. This class will help with flexibility, stature, liberate and strengthen the spine and help with foot and knee alignment. Suitable for all including those with injuries or movement contraindications.

  Each class will begin with a short warm up using optional hand weights.

  For the next 30 minutes we will use barre work to plié, arabesque and pulse, with and without light hand weights. This focuses on core strength, isometric movements, stamina, full body strength and posture alignment. 

  We will follow on with 25 minutes of Clinical Pilates using mats and equipment. . We will focus on Pelvis and Spinal alignment and articulation, neck and shoulder stability and ankle, knee and gait alignment.

  Clinical Pilates is a scientific and medical evidence based holistic approach to healing through movement by using a series of mat based rehabilitation exercises adapted by physiotherapists, perfect for those with neck or back pain, helping flexibility, posture and core or those recovering from injury. Learn how to move more intelligently from the ground up.

  Students who are new to Pilates or Barre will receive tuition during each pose, modified for their stage of practice, ability and movement needs. Prescriptive clinical movement based on your needs.

   All equipment is provided including hand weights, antibacterial luxury thick Pilates mats, Barre stability balls, bands and pillows.

   The Studio at Stalwart Wellness is a dedicated Wellness space, in its own discreet setting, nestled in the private landscaped gardens, overlooking the natural lake. The Studio has full mirrors to assist with body alignment, underfloor heating, and private gated parking.

"I just wanted to say how fantastic that class was. You were so attentive it felt like I was having my own personal session even though we were in a small group.   I feel like I could walk on clouds after coming out of your class. I will definitely recommend you highly to all of my friends. “ Cranbrook Barre Client.January 2020
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