Barre is a dynamic ballet and strength based class that mixes elements of Pilates , Yoga and functional training. In each energising and targeted session, you will use the barre and small equipment.

Benefits of this whole class include: reducing backaches, develop stature, liberate the spine and feel steady on your feet. Also sculpting your arms, legs, hips and core.

We place the emphasis on precision, alignment and breath control, which are all
Iyengar Yoga techniques.


The focus
A dynamic class using body weight exercises and light hand weights and equipment to strengthen, sculpt and tone the entire body. Using the Barre and also focusing on our reflection and alignment in the full studio length mirrors, learning to move more intelligently from the ground up.

Then concluding with stretching and lengthening the body with a few Yoga & Pilates Stretches at the end, perfect after our Barre work.

The objective
Expect a series of low-intensity fat burning intervals from ballet leg lengtheners to barre burn, along with posture and alignment work from the principles of Polestar Pilates, Yoga alignment and Franklin and Feldonkrais dynamic imagery techniques.

Using the Polestar Principles of Movement of axial elongation and core control,
alignment, weight bearing and movement integration to gain excellent movement
throughout the whole class. Also incorporating Iyengar Yoga moves and breath
work. Moves will also incorporate small Pilates equipment, which include, weights,
bands and soft balls.

We focus on
Small isometric movements working into each muscle group
Long repetitions
Posture, alignment and movement dynamic imagery techniques to ensure
we switch on the correct muscles and ensure correct technique.

Gait and knee alignment to ensure that feet, knees, hips and shoulders are
tracked and efficient in each session. This is taught through a variety of dynamic
alignment and movement therapy techniques, using blocks to aid safe and
effective movement.

We then conclude with hamstring yoga stretches, twists and forward folds, this allows for a beautiful lengthening stretch throughout the entire spine, shoulders, pelvis and hamstrings, perfect after Barre work.

All new students will receive a short posture, gait and functional base assessment to understand where to base your moves in class.

Tenterden Yoga Barre Boga





“The Studio is the perfect place for Private Barre classes. There are 4 of us that share a session each week. The combination of Clinical Pilates and Barre is perfect and we always finish with Yoga Meditation and Relax. Pure Bliss as we are busy professionals! Hawkhurst Clients- March 2019

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