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Welcome to Stalwart Wellness Pilates Studio

Our secluded studio offers a tranquil space in which students can learn Pilates whichever part of their journey they are on. Set within private grounds, the studio is ideally located and easily accessible from Headcorn, Rye and nearby Tenterden. We offer our clients a thoughtful space in which to learn, to reflect and to focus on their health.

Stalwart Wellness Pilates is clinically based and ideal for rehabilitation after injury. This specific form has been developed by physiotherapists and is designed to increase movement and mobility whilst caring for the delicate spine and neck areas.

Many people turn to Pilates to manage back or neck pain, postural weakness or to help them recover fully following an injury. The clinical Pilates exercises are designed to increase strength and stability, aiding recovery and realigning the body. The clinical Pilates exercises do not change in intensity but evolve the variations are limitless. Our Clinical Pilates also teaches effective movement Integration to help heighten awareness of movement, breathing and posture. These consist of Polestar Principles of Movement, and other various methodologies of movement science, specific to the Practitioner.

All new class Clinical Pilates students receive a 15 minutes postural evaluation & functional testing. This is to find out where to base, and target your movement. Taking 2 of the exercises from the Polestar Screening process, we can test for spine control, postural alignment, shoulder abduction and rotation. We also test for hip alignment.

Taking time for yourself, a little space in your busy life is fundamental for maintaining physical and mental balance. Our classes are run either privately, one-to-one, or in small group classes with courses running at different times throughout the year. We also offer a Corporate Wellness programme, bringing Yoga and Pilates into your place of work. This is designed to promote good health and wellbeing at work, ultimately to lower stress and, as a result, boost productivity.

Many of our students come from the local areas of Kent and East Sussex. Such as Colleen, she was looking for clinical Pilates near Headcorn when she moved to the area. She was delighted to find a Polestar trained teacher close by. Or Sophie, she was looking for a Yoga or Pilates class in Rye. She enjoys her 'me time' when she comes to her weekly Yoga class and finds it a great way to de-stress after a busy week's work.

Being taught in small groups, our classes can be adapted to the individual's requirements. With a maximum of six people in each group. Classes combine mat work with the use of Franklin Method equipment such as balls, bands and cushions. We also offer nutritional advice where appropriate; repeat students are provided with a food diary. This forms part of our wider, holistic approach to health and wellbeing.

Clinical Pilates could change the way you approach your health. Helping you to understand your body and for your body to understand how to be healthy, strong and muscularly balanced.

All enquiries welcome. Contact us or 07779 670502
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