Tuesday 12th January 2016

Private Lessons in Clinical Pilates and Yoga: What to expect at Stalwart Wellness

Perhaps you are considering Pilates or Yoga lessons and wondering if one-to-one lessons are suitable for you? Here are a few questions and answers to give you an insight into private lessons at Stalwart Wellness Polestar Pilates Studio in Tenterden.

What is a private lesson like at Stalwart Wellness?
A private lesson is a one-to-one session of Clinical Pilates, combined with Yoga techniques if required. It is developed and taught specifically for you by a Polestar trained Clinical Pilates teacher, who is also a fully qualified Yoga teacher, ante and post natal practitioner, and level four lower back pain specialist. The lessons are booked at times to suit you and to fit your schedule.

Who are they for?
Anyone. Private lessons are suitable for all as they are developed to meet the needs of the individual. From individuals focusing on their health and wellbeing, to athletes and sportspeople progressing their fitness, to mums and mums-to-be exercising with a changing body. The responsiveness of this style of teaching makes it adaptable to specific needs, including injury rehabilitation or neck and back pain management.

What can I expect from my private lesson?
Each and every private lesson and personalised plan will begin with a Wellness Consultation and Screening. This is an in-depth evaluation lasting 1 hour and 15 minutes during which we will highlight focus areas for the plan. The screening procedure employs methodology from the Polestar Pilates Screening program, as well as both the Keele sTarT Back Screening and the RMD Wellness Screening documents to evaluate any anatomical idiosyncrasies, back pain issues or injury rehabilitation concerns. During the screening, a series of 17 exercises are applied to help thoroughly appraise the individual's biomechanics.

Following the initial Wellness Consultation and Screening, a personalised Wellness Plan is developed. This will include a series of exercises and movement science allied to your movement goals and that will fit around your schedule. Other focuses of the plan will include movement integration and education of movement using dynamic imagery, anatomical embodiment and educational skills to create lasting positive change in your body and mind.

The results you could see following a Wellness Plan with Stalwart Wellness will differ from person to person depending on your movement plans and time dedication. All plans are developed with the individual's targets as the primary focus and to increase mobility, flexibility, posture, stability, wellbeing and overall strength. Also educating in functional movement to learn to move with less effort, making your daily life easier.

How frequently should I have lessons?
Lessons can be at your convenience and to fit around your schedule. The Wellness Plan is developed as a ten-week plan and to benefit as much as possible from this, weekly lessons are encouraged with homework in-between. Homework is set as standard and included within the 10-week plan. This may include teaching via video clips to complement the principals of movement taught in the lessons, printouts to accompany movement and exercises completed at home, and equipment to take with you to use at home for the duration of your plan.

Do private lessons need to be one-to-one?
As well as one-to-one lessons, small group private lessons of two or three people are also available. These are ideal for couples or for friends. They can still benefit from the individuality of a private lesson and a personalised Wellness Plan for each person, but with the shared experience of exercising together.

Where do the private Pilates lessons take place?
The studio is in Tenterden, Kent. It is purpose-built to accommodate small group lessons or one-toone lessons and all equipment is provided. Clients travel from nearby areas including Rye, Headcorn and Cranbrook, however, by arrangement, lessons can be off-site. This is ideal for corporate classes in the workplace.


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