Pilates Classes, Yoga & Private Lessons 
A studio exclusively for Pilates, Barre and Yoga, designed to accommodate individual lessons and small group sessions. We offer a range of Pilates classes, , Barre, Yoga and Private Lessons under expert tuition and guidance, at a fully-equipped, newly constructed Studio, with a relaxed ambience and thoughtful space in which to promote movement, wellbeing and full mental and physical alignment. 

The Studio 

A newly constructed studio in the heart of the Weald of Kent, this energising space is equipped with wall to floor mirrors, integrated  solar attenuating blinds for full relaxation, fully retractable glass doors overlooking the secluded landscaped gardens, and natural lake. With beautiful oak floors, under floor heating, private gated parking with CCTV,and specialist high-quality Pilates/Yoga equipment the studio attracts clients from Tenterden and the surrounding areas of Headcorn, Cranbrook and the Weald.  

The Teacher 
The founder and owner of Stalwart Wellness is a fully qualified Polestar Clinical Mat Pilates Practitioner, Advanced Barre Teacher, OOV  Pilates Rehabilitation Equipment Teacher, 500 hours Yoga Teacher, Level 4 Back Pain Specialist and Level 4 Cancer Rehabilitation Specialist accredited by Macmillan Cancer Support. She discovered her 'calling' in the scientifically proven movement Pilates through Polestar. Passionate, direct and skilled in movement, she is dedicated to help her clients increase their mobility, flexibility, posture, stability, wellbeing and overall strength.

Polestar Pilates 
Standing apart from other forms of Pilates, Polestar is a style considered in its industry as the very best. Its teaching is exclusive to the individual and extremely thorough. Founded by a collective of physiotherapists, it respects the original repertoire yet constantly evolves as we as individuals evolve.

The training took Genevieve 1100 hrs to complete, 2 years in her case, and is the only Listed Practitioner in the area. All hours can be seen in her signed Log book, in the Studio.

Polestar is the Gold standard in Pilates Teacher training.

POLESTAR PILATES is MOVEMENT SCIENCE, and is a science based holistic approach to health, healing through movement, and re-education of movement.
She learnt how to keep spines safe, through mind body connection, and learning
in-depth (not in a weekend but a whole 200 hrs ) about all Contraindications for movement.

These include stenosis, sciatica, disc herniation, to the more complex spinal fusions, facet joint issues, Osteoporosis and Spondyloisthesis. All adverse Neural Tension and Neurological Precautions are included within this science based approach.

Barre Classes
Total Barre Reflections is a dynamic ballet based class that focuses on strength, flexibility,  stamina and core training, through using a combination of Pilates, Yoga,  dance, cardio and strength training. 
A dynamic class using body weight exercises and light hand weights to strengthen, sculpt and tone the entire body. WITH and WITHOUT the Barre and also focusing on our reflection and alignment in the full studio length mirrors.

An extremely varied discipline, our Vinyasa Align Yoga classes are a demanding and dynamic practice.
Focusing on core strength, body posture, alleviating neck and back pain, and lengthening and decompressing the spine. Using various movement science techniques including the Alexander, Feldonkrais and Franklin imagery methods, and Physical-therapy methods, students are encouraged to listen to their bodies, promoting better awareness of movement, thus making the classes non competitive and open to all.  Taught in small groups of 5 in the unique studio, classes are non-competitive, and aimed at mixed ability students regardless of age. Please see Classes page for times.  



Polestar creates life-changing movement experiences by fusing Pilates, physical-therapy and advanced mind-body energy systems, with facilities worldwide.

All enquiries welcome. Contact us 07779 670502 or info@stalwartwellness.co.uk
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